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This Valentine’s Day, I’m gonna fall in love with myself. 

For I deserve to be spoiled.

I work hard, I’m always pushing to be a better person…and every now and then, I’m extremely guilty of not giving myself enough affection. (I’m also guilty of waiting approx. 9 months to blog lol).

This Valentine’s Day, I’m going to love me for me (I say this without the cheese factor). For the more I love myself, the more I can help you to connect with your self and your soul.

For it’s all about love.…it really is.

This blog post is for the singles, the couples, for those who may have lost a loved one and those who are still learning how to tie their shoes.

Love comes in many forms but the most important person to love, is yourself. 

Love yourself, accept what you see as flaws, and turn them into unique strokes on the canvas.

Although there are many ways of interpretation, I now live by these words a good man once told me:

“Do things in sincerity but in wisdom”




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