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Great Expectations

I won’t lie – I feel like the last couple of months have been hard ones for myself and others around me – perhaps you feel the same too. Sometimes it’s draining to the point that you start to question your “why”…

But in those moments of pain and loss, comes introspection, healing and a sense of rebirth.

Perhaps it is in the acceptance of both the highs and the lows, where we come to know peace, balance and grace.

Here’s a new song I’d like to share with you called “Great Expectations”. I wrote it shortly after Valentine’s Day when I started questioning why situations and people around me, always fall into the same “story”. Is there a root cause?

I’m beyond grateful to have Noah & Jacquie (from “The Next Step”) dance to this song – seeing the art you create, inspire others, reminds me of my own “why”.

What is yours?

The show is currently in season 5; episode 7 “Heathers”, airs tonight on CBBC & Netflix in the U.K.. You can watch the full episode. In North America, it aired on the Family Channel.

I decided to produce a music video with videographer Phil Kluba (Press It) while I was in Toronto. I hope you enjoy this and if you do, please share on your social media channels:

Great Expectations – Apryll Aileen 

If you want to purchase the song, it’s on iTunesGoogle Play & you can stream it on Spotify!

Blessings, light & love,


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