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‘Don’t Make Me Wait” Live From The Horseshoe in Toronto, Ontario!

Let me tell you a story – I think in life we are pushed to the limits and stretched past our comfort zones so that we can grow. We are pushed beyond the old boundaries so that we can take on more and become better.

When I received an opportunity to play at the legendary Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto, I jumped at the chance. I was so excited to play this show…driving the long 16 hour drive from New Brunswick to Toronto in my eyes, was totally worth it. Do you know who has played at the Horseshoe Tavern??

The Police, The Rolling Stones; Canada’s own The Tragically Hip and Our Lady Peace also got their start playing at this iconic venue. It’s also boasted the likes of Death Cab for Cutie, Blue Rodeo and Bryan Adams. 

It was a no brainer. Now to prepare for the big show – I would need a band. I would need to drive to Toronto with my keyboard and keytar and I would need to find a way to pull it all off flawlessly. 

I remembered this awesome guitarist Sean MacLean – I had met him in Toronto and enjoyed his vibe. His band in Toronto is called Waves That Stray. I convinced him to join me on stage, and through the help of the crew at Coalition Studios and Canada’s Music Incubator, a drummer was found. And let me tell you – he doesn’t miss a beat! His name is Justin Han. 

Well the plan seemed fool proof except for one thing – we had never met before or played music together. I could only get into Toronto on Monday which meant that we only had time to meet in person and rehearse the day before we had to play the show. 

Rehearsal space booked – good to go – no problem.

Except…the trivial nature of the human immune system. 

Somewhere along the way of the 16 hour trip, I ended up catching a flu bug. Let’s just say the drive from Montreal to Toronto, felt like the longest solo road trip I’ve ever taken in my life. I drove from Los Angeles to New Orleans by myself once, so this says something. 

I was still in fever sweats during the whole rehearsal and feared that even trying to sing the basic melody of my songs would jeopardize my vocals for the next night – the show. Which meant, sadly, that the guys had to rehearse for the first time with a singer that could barely talk, let alone sing. 

I prayed and prayed Monday night that I would be able to sing on Tuesday for the show. After all, I had invested so much into this and had invited a lot of great industry contacts to the show!

I’ve played shows when I’ve been under the weather but nothing like this before. This flu knocked me out cold. 

But with the help of Tylenol Cold and Flu medicine and going over every vocal technique I’ve learned for helping the vocal chords, I somehow made it through the set. 

The band was awesome – the crowd that came out was so supportive and I love you all for being there because it truly means a lot! Plus even though it wasn’t my best vocal performance, it was good enough to get asked back to the Horseshoe Tavern to play on a bigger night!

All that to say, that sometimes in life you have to stretch past your limits and do things even when you really don’t want to do them. It would’ve been easier to cancel the show and rest my voice, but in this moment, I decided to keep on pushing. 

I hope you keep on pushing yourself to greater limits this year. Without further ado, you can watch us perform the new single “Don’t Make Me Wait” Live from the Horseshoe Tavern here. Let me know what you think of the band!!


Location: The Horseshoe Tavern, Toronto Ontario

Filmed & Edited by Phil Kluba

Apryll Aileen recognizes the support of Music/Musique NB and the Government of New Brunswick. Apryll Aileen reconnait l’appui de Music/Musique NB et du gouvernement du Nouveau-Brunswick.


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Here’s a photo of the band: Justin Han (drums) and Sean MacLean (guitar)

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