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Wednesday, May 27th, 2020

SAINT JOHN, NB – New Brunswick based pop-rock singer-songwriter Apryll Aileen, pens a new song about how tough long distance relationships can be, especially during the current socially distant times. She wrote it while spending two months in quarantine in Rothesay, New Brunswick, amidst the COVID-19 crisis.

Social Distance” is a song about the difficulty of long distance relationships when you can’t travel and visit each other because you’re stuck in isolation. Distance is already hard enough – will it make the heart grow fonder or make one wander?

These are some of the questions asked in the lyrics, as Aileen shares her vulnerability through a camera set up in her living room at home:

“I flew back to Canada about ten days before the first superspreader case was detected in Manhattan, New York. Those who know me, know how hard it is for me to sit still and not be traveling or on tour. The thought of being landlocked by the borders being closed, never occurred to me before this pandemic. My head and heart started churning with all the change and uncertainty around me. 

How would my career change? What about the tour I had planned? What was this virus and how could it affect the health of my friends and family?

During times like these, we all crave communication and connection from our loved ones. When our most basic needs aren’t being met in personal relationships, you can feel really alone and isolated – let alone the literal isolation we’ve all been going through. 

When you aren’t being listened to, it can feel like you’re talking to yourself. Pair that with actually being all alone and still not feeling listened to, and distance takes on a whole new level of loneliness and frustration.”

The video was recorded, filmed and edited by Aileen, all at her home during isolation.

“The silver lining to this crisis, is the fact that I’m learning to be more self-sufficient and resourceful with my musical art. I’ve also gained a ton of new fans with my weekly Facebook live stream concerts.”

Aileen’s next live show is tonight via the NB at Home Facebook Live stream concerts from 6-7pm AST. You can access through her Facebook page

Apryll Aileen recognizes the support of Music/Musique NB and the Government of New Brunswick. Apryll Aileen reconnait l’appui de Music/Musique NB et du gouvernement du Nouveau-Brunswick.

Check out her latest single “I’m Still Alive”:

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